Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Savvy B Darling

Not so long ago, very recently actually, a certain chunk of the population was inundated with a warning that scared the living bejesus out of them; this was the cigarette smoker. These warnings were plastered on cigarette ‘cases’ with grotesque images of lungs with clogging tar, arteries with oozing puss... you’ve seen it right? Well, out of this, their most famous ambassador tragically died –‘The Marlborough Man’; he died from lung cancer brought on from cigarettes.
You may ask what this has got to do with wine; absolutely nothing, except for the joke that I am telling people that New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc will kill them – because we all know what happened to ‘The Marlborough Man’ right?
Now this is just a joke, because I have to admit I am not a fan of this variety, but most of Australia seems to love this wine. And why not; it’s light, fruity, acidic and most importantly easy to drink.
More and more of us Aussies are consuming this variety from NZ than the Oz wines with about as much patriotic zeal as knowing the second verse of ‘Advance Australia Fair’; how does it go again? The Kiwi’s it seems have a magic wand that urges 30% of the population to say, ‘geez man, this Savvy B is just great with my porterhouse steak’. IT’S WRONG BY GINGOES!!
Anyhoo, we here in Oz make a pretty darn good Savvy B as well. So Charlie my dear, here are some Aussie Savvy B’s (with a little Semillon sometimes) to get your laughing gear around.
Cullen – a Margaret River wine which you will like; really lingering tropical fruit and a great smack of acid to boot; eat with mud crabs caught with your own net up in the bay Charlie.
McHenry Hoehnen – another Margs wine. This is from the guy who started Cape Mentelle, David Hoehnen. Clean, crisp with heaps of green acid. Eat with chicken salad.
Limbic – this is a gem from Gippsland in Victoria. Very Sancerre with a mineral mouth feel and a great clean melon finish. Eat with Thai seafood.
Sorrenberg – very Bordeaux in style, this Beechworth wine is loaded with citrus, lanolin and soft acid. Great with grilled snapper
Grosset – the Adelaide Hills legend. Just drink it in a glass God damn it!!!!!
So there you have it Charlie. Hope this was helpful. And to anyone else out there who needs the urge to drink Marlborough Savvy B - the same horse that rode the ‘The Marlborough Man’ off in to the sunset is ready for you as well.
Oh yeah, whatever you do, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT, drink Savvy B with lobster; and I don’t care what Scott says!!

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