Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chateau Montrose Ste-Estephe 1996

What a wine. What a wine!
Bordeaux wines in Australia a quite often regarded as mythical beasts that are generally out of most people’s price range, mine included. But then there are wines such as Chateau Montrose (pronounced Monrose) which, even still a second growth wine, is quite affordable. This one was a paltry $130 – and this is very cheap for Bordeaux let me tell you.
The colour of this wine is gorgeous; deep garnet red with absolutely no translucency whatever. On the nose there are black cherries, leather and tobacco; this tells me that the wine is certainly in its secondary flavour profile. In the mouth there is a chalky fine clean tannin grip with a long powerful spectrum of black fruit and savoury chocolate. Just brilliant I say!
Drink with Chateaubriand medium rare
Till 2026

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