Monday, April 14, 2014

Eisacktaler Alto Adige Müller Thurgau 2011

Is Müller Thurgau:

A. A German Footballer
B. A 1930's burlesque performer
C. A manscaping technique
D. A little known grape variety

Well obviously its D, a grape variety, although A or B could easily pass at a bit of a stretch I reckon; never let the truth get in the way of a good story I say.

So, Müller Thurgau. A ripping aromatic originating from I have no idea but finding a ripping home in northern Italy. The Eisacktaler Alto Adige Müller Thurgau 2011 is sexyasnuts and delicious all at the same time (even if the label is a bit naff. A slight honeyed and viscous nose, the palate has layers of semi-sweet to savoury dry and back again; ginger, green spices, mandarin, honey all compete at various stages for your attention. Cracking stuff.

Drink with fatty pork chops
Drink till 2015
Diam cork 12.5%v/v $33 Seddon Wine Store

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Rieslingfreak Eden Valley Reverence of Riesling No. 4 2013

The Breakfast Club. Ferris Buellers Day Off. Sixteen Candles. Rieslingfreak. Who knew John Hughes loved Riesling?

A new famous John Hughes, out of South Oz, is smitten with Rizza. And why not. The No. 4 in a series of five is talcy, limestony, lemony all with balanced acid(y). Its a ripper that will not punch a whole in the back of your throat courtesy of out of control acid. This is all checked. And balanced. And checked....

Drink with fish and chips
Drink now
Screwcap 11.5%v/v $22 Seddon Wine Store

La Bruja Averia Madrid Comando G Grenache 2012

Beautiful. A Pinot Noir drinkers Grenache, Tart. Raspy. Dirty. Sexyasnuts - that's the technical term by the way. Ethereal. This is quite a stunning wine if you haven't hooked on yet.

The La Bruja Averia Madrid Commando G Grenache 2012, or Comando G, is a caloboration of five younbg Spanish lads who share a passion for Grenache and Pinot Noir. It shows. Look out for it. Buy it. Drink it. Repeat.

Drink with charred lamb
Drink till 2017
98 - new clubhouse leader for 2014
Quality cork 14%v/v $39 Seddon Wine Store

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Girabaldi Piedmont Nebbiolo 2011

Ripe and juicy and stuck in a room with what seems to be a low ceiling. The Girabaldi Piedmont Conca d'Oro Nebbiolo 2011 is a wine that needs some air; either a good decanting or double decanting. A good decanting will do. After all of this you get a youthful Nebbiolo soaking in slick layers of bitter chocolate, dried flowers and herbs, tar, and what was a warmer than usual winter, a lick of warming alcohol - 14%v/v. A great little Nebbiolo and only $26. Bargain!!!

Drink with lamb shanks
Drink till 2018
Quality cork 14%v/v $26 Seddon Wine Store