Monday, May 25, 2009

M. Sorrel 'La Grael' Hermitage 2001

When I first tasted this wine last year I was immediately drawn to the way that over time, this wine, like no other I have drunk, evolved in such a way that even after 2 hours, the wine was still coming up with new flavour spectrums.

The colour is a deep ox blood red with absolutely no translucency (with further investigation I found out this wine had 23 days on skin, hence the massive colour). On the nose at first there was a real smack of olive tapenade, really big and really one dimensional. Later the nose showed lovely hints of white pepper then later again soft red fruit – whacky stuff this one. In the mouth at first was a great marriage of tannin, oak and black fruit. The tannins after a while in the glass and decanter melded in to a fine chalky feel in the mouth with the fruit growing longer and longer with every sip.

The longer and longer and longer I drank this wine the more it evolved until finally I was hit with the olive tapenade I got from the initial whiff. Wine like this really doesn’t get any better.

Drink with saddle of lamb cooked medium rare.
Drink till 2030

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