Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mount Gisborne Pinot Noir 2003

You see, it’s not all Bindi Bindi Bindi OK!!
Just down the road from Bindi is Mount Gisborne wines, as previously mentioned in ‘Stuart Anderson’s’ blog.
This little winery is the product of hard work from expat yank David Ell. I have drunk several of David’s wines over the years, with the 1997 and 2001 Pinot Noirs the standouts in my mind.
What Mount Gisborne wines try to do is get a bit of bottle age in them before being released on to the market. Now I think the 2003 Pinot was released in 2007, but don’t quote me on that; this is a long time to wait before being released.
What David is trying to achieve is to highlight the terroir of the area and let the wine define what it is after time in hibernation. I reckon this works most of the time with his wines, and this one is a great example of leaving it sit for a bit longer I think – it still needs time.
The colour seems to be rose red, with the hue showing signs of fading. The nose was a massive whack of red fruit, plum and raspberries; yet after about 10 minutes it was more like game and spice. In the mouth it was yet another surprise with massive amounts of acid pulling the seamless fruit in to line – strawberries and rhubarb the obvious. Like the nose, it all changed after a while in to a savoury, spice mix of cinnamon and the like – lovely stuff.
Drink with roast lamb or lamb shanks.
Now till 2015

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