Saturday, May 23, 2009

Chateau Doisy-Daene 2007 Bordeaux Blanc

Wine is sexy stuff; I have said this many times. Wine is sexy, but these are not words I would generally describe me old mate Savvy B. The Doisy-Daëne Bordeaux Blanc 2008 is no Savvy B, this is real Sauvignon Blanc let me tell you.

This wine straight away seems to betray all the characters that new world Savvy B gives you; pale straw colour, rancid cats pee and vegetal nose followed by the lip smacking acid rush that comes in the mouth.

This wine is pure delight. Nice pale gold colour seems a bit odd for such a young wine of this calibre, but this is put to rest with a nose of clean and clear lemon curd. The mouth is very true to the nose with a lovely mouth feel, clean acid which with this wine is playing the second fiddle, followed by more lemon and a hint of sherbet and melon. Bloody good stuff I say.

Drink with cervice scallop
Drink till 2012

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  1. Sweetie, can you please remember to leave me a glass! You know I love lemon *mwah!!*