Monday, June 28, 2010

Vinea Marson Heathcote Syrah 2006

Be well my love
Be well
As you brave
The raging storm

Be well my love
Be well
Into a new world
We are born

Step out on the road
Alone for awhile
Underneath Dublin sky
The quiet grows.

Luka Bloom – Be Well, The Acoustic Motorbike

Luka Bloom. We all know him and his music; raw, folksy, sometimes gut retching but always beautiful and poetic. So if Luka Bloom could be a wine he would be Vinea Marson, or more particular the Vinea Marson Heathcote Syrah 2006.

Hand-crafted by former Mount Mary and Jasper Hill winemaker Mario Marson, the Vinea Marson wines for me have always been of the highest quality, with the 2006 Syrah being just that. Strikingly reddish-purple in the glass, the nose throws up wonderful layers of black pepper and brown spice with notes of blackberry as well. super gorgeous in the mouth, this wine effortlessly brings together firm grippy tannins as well as black olive and licorice. A truly stunning example of Heathcote Syrah done well – just mouth watering!

Drink with beef and Guinness pie
Drink till 2019
Diam cork 14.5%v/v $36


  1. I really enjoyed all the 2006 releases from Vinea Marson. The Sangiovese, Syrah & Nebbiolo from that vintage were a great trifecta.

    Saw Luka Bloom live just after the release of "The Acoustic Motorbike". Great performance. His work on th nylon string post tendonitis issues is also well worth a listen.


  2. Hi Jeremy,

    I first saw Luka Bloom at the Mean Fiddler in Harlesden NW London back in 1997 - an amazing concert and a big fan ever since. And the Vinea Marson, justa great wine indeed.