Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dindi Murrindindi Cabernet Sauvignon 2004

Quite frankly the best bargain I have seen in yonks and it’s been yonks since I’ve said yonks so there you go. The Dindi Murrindindi Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 was such a good wine that I had to phone up Psarakos Markets in Thornbury and ask them if they had made a mistake with the price. And the price, a crazy $8.99!!!

Now I pretty much do all of our fruit and veg shopping down at Psarakos because simply they have the best range and lowest prices, but they also have a very good bottle shop with cheap imported Stella and Heineken; not the crap brewed here in Australia but the real stuff from Holland and Belgium. But every-now-and-then you find a little bargain, something odd and something different that you cant pass up on; the Dindi was this little bargain.

Deep purpley and red in the glass, the nose instantly throws up soft pepper, red capsicum, raspberries, tobacco and mocca – very surprising. The palate was lean and cool – winter helps with that – with long clean acid and tight chewy tannins with more raspberries and mocca. Such a bloody good wine and a fantastic reason to head down to Thornbury for some fresh galangal and a botlle or two of something something.

Drink till 2013
Drink with lamb korma
Screwcap 13%v/v $8.99 at Psarakos Markets, Thornbury


  1. Wow.

    On first night, I was sitting on the fence with this one Tim. But coming in from the cold tonight, this was one welcome friend! It just got a whole lot better over 24 hrs, and even my wife, who is steadfastly unimpressed by most wines, was squeezing the bottle at the end for another drop.

    Thanks for the intro, both to the wine, and to the market. I loaded up with fruit & veg when tracking the wine down, and like the blogs say, fresh, plentiful, and cheap as chips! It was fun to find too - my sense of direction failed me as usual, but I assumed that any Greek I saw in Northcote would know the place - and so they did.