Monday, March 21, 2011

McWilliams Mount Pleasent Hunter Valley Semillon 2010

It's humid again in Melbourne. I don't like humidity. I don't like Melbourne humidity. Three solutions:

1. leave
2. drink cider
3. drink Semillon

3 it is! Tonight anyway.

You see this summer has been really one long warm Autumn with plenty of humid days; an old school Melbourne summer day you might say. What I have done to try and quell this is to either have a cider or glass of semillon in my hand. Both are clean and crisp and way too easy to drink.

So here is the McWillimas Mount Pleasent Hunter Valley Semillon 2010. An almost water like clarity in the glass. Plenty of acid and citrus on the nose with the acid really obvious in as much that it is tickling my nasal hairs - too much info right? Lovely and clean on the palate with a combination of fresh and preserved lemon coming through and just a smidge of lanolin there as well. Such a good wine; three glasses in!

Drink with kingfish sashimi
Drink till 2017
Screwcap 11.5%v/v $16 Dan Murphy's Coburg

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