Saturday, March 5, 2011

Domaine Lucci Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir 2010 by Lucy Margaux Vineyards

Meet my new best friend. The Domaine Lucci Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir 2010 by Lucy Margaux Vineyards has in the past two weeks been emptied three times here in downtown Brunswick, which suggests that I either start buying in bulk or start bribing Blackheart and Sparrows, cos I have no doubt that there will be more clanking of this wine in my recycled bin in the coming weeks.

Quite striking to look at, the label to me is part Donnie Darko, part oh-so-Brunswick and part Winston Salem if you know what I mean. In the glass the wine looks the part with a chalky and dusty looking red thanks to a minimalistic approach in the wine making. You wouldn't pick this for a young wine with already forward notes of tart cranberry and raspberry all married together with racey acid and grippy finish, yet not overly grippy.

Whatever you do, do not 'not' buy this wine. It's a fair dinkum ripper!

Drink with assiette of lamb
drink till 2017
Diam cork with wax seal 13.8%v/v $32 Blackheart and Sparrows Fitzroy North and Brunswick


  1. I'm really enjoying the DL wines at present - i've bought, drunk and attempted to write them up over at

    Half the problem is DL/ Lucy Margaux don't have an up to date website so, priceing aside, I don't know where this sits vis a vis those that I've tasted. It's the DL label (rather than Lucy Margaux) which I take to be the 'house' style as opposed to single vineyard/ reserve label.

    Regardless - and maybe this is what Anton intends for he's rather unconvential (see the qwoff boys Lunch With Lucy or thewinepunter 's vide interview with Anton).

    That aside, good booze, good note and may you drink more. Cheers

  2. I've seen these hard-to-miss wines popping up all over Adelaide's independent wine shops. Judging by the notes I've read here and on Stu's site, it's about time I got one!

    Chris P

  3. Head to Eastend Cellars Chris. I was there in early Feb and I reckon there were at least 60 cases sitting up against the counter. I'm trying the merlot tonite so there could be a back to back on Domaine Lucci.


  4. Thanks Tim-this wine has been well worth it and am only into the second glass..

    How long do you think before the price goes up?

  5. Hello Nick,

    Give it a couple of years. They also have some other PN coming in between $40-$60.