Saturday, February 5, 2011

John Kepplers Premium Apple Cider, Ireland

Like I’ve said, its a cider revolution. Not long ago Erin, who is also a recent convert, took a trip to Uncle Dan’s to grab some cider. Not knowing exactly what she wanted Erin duly grabbed an armful of the stuff for a little tasting session at home. This was my favourite. The John Kepplers Premium Apple Cider, Ireland, which happens to come in a big-arse can, looks like a flat beer in the glass – not very appealing I know – but pretty soon a great waft of apple (der), cinnamon and a bit of smokiness which very much reminded me of my Nanna’s apple pie. The real joy was that this cider did not suffer from the sugar hit that most of the others did, and instead having a tart, dry finish. Top notch this one.

Drink with BBQ pork chops
Drink now
Can 6%v/v $4.90 at Dan Murphy’s Preston


  1. Costs only 1.25 euro in the wonderful county of Cork, where its made like :)