Friday, February 25, 2011

Chalmers Mildura Vermentino 2009

I really tried to get excited about this wine. Actually, all I wanted to do was try it for myself; you know, form one’s own opinion. In the end it was nice. Nice citrus, nice acid; nice. You see I had to try for myself because a couple of weeks ago I was listening to a young wine shop assistant come wine expert tell me that this has got to be the best release of the year. Wow I said, that’s pretty big wraps. Then I asked what she liked about the wine, and I quote, ‘Oh I haven’t had it yet, it’s just what Sally from Cutler & Co told me. She reckons it’s the best ever Verm (she actually said Verm!)’ Riiiighhhtttt!

So if you are one of the herd out there, go and buy it on someone else’s opinion, or otherwise check out an Italian Vermentino from either Mediterranean Wholesalers or Sileno Enoteca and then try the Chalmers Mildura Vermentino 2009 and then have an opinion.

NB said wine expert does not work at Blackheart and Sparrows

Drink with grilled sardines
Drink till 2014
Screwcap 11.5%v/v $25 Blackheart and Sparrows Brunswick


  1. hmm, curious.

    I'm a fan, big fan of this one. I think it has terrific volume, nice heft for a white, and I totally love the funky cheesy stuff on the nose. The acid is perfect for cutting the, as you so rightly note, grilled sardines. And a lot of vegetable dishes too.

    That said, when at Max Allen's recent vermentino and sradines show, I tried the Trentham Estate La Famiglia 09, and found it stands up well compared to the Italians i've enjoyed.

    Maybe the annoying hipster got to you. I'm going to drinking a lot more of this before autumn is over.


  2. You are probably right, that littel 'hipster' as you referred to her did get under my skin.

    I did like the wine, but for me it just lacked texture and length. Yes the acid was long but it was all too centred around the citrus spectrum.

    Bloody hipsters I say as I am shaking my fist in the air and giving my best impersonation of a 70 year old man!