Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Season of Stout - Monteiths Black Beer, NZ

So, we find ourselves yet again in the middle of a long cold winter. And in this winter I have had two constents; Masterchef on Network 10 and Monteiths Black Beer; my daughter calls it the Masterchef beer - bless!

Now this is my first 'Season of Stout' post this winter, and I don't quite think it is a stout, but it's black. So the reason for it taking this long is simply I have not been drinking anything else; quite easy the pick of winter.

It reads on the back label that the good boys from the West Coast (NZ, not the Perth boys) use five premium malts. I'm not all over brewing, but that sounds like a lot to me. What would I know it turns out a friend recently told me; what would I know indeed. What i do n]know however, is that this beer is jam packed with gorgeous chocolate and coffee aroma's with more of this in the palte along with burnt toffee and licorice make this beer a fair dinkum cracker! Too easy!

Drink now
Drink with roast beef leftovers or freshly shucked oysters - now thats a Susan if there ever was one!
About $18 a six-pack 5.2%v/v


  1. As Wesley Snipes once said, "Always bet on Black"...

    I think Monteiths, across the whole range, is probably my fav beer.

    Am kind of embarrassed to say that a couple of Radlers are my guilty pleasure... :)

  2. I'm in the process of consuming a Monteiths doppelbock Winter Ale as I type this, which is also a fine drop. Its a little lighter than the black beer. I see Monteiths as the Nz equivalent of James Squire. You can always can trust them to produce some flavoursome beers.
    I've also got some of the Matilda Bay Longshot chilling in the fridge (thats the one where they have added Toby's estate coffee into the wort). It will be interesting to see how that goes!