Monday, September 28, 2009

Mount Gisborne Macedon Ranges Florina Sauvignon Blanc 2009

Australian Sauvignon Blanc is back! Not that it went anywhere, but with the Kiwi Savvy B’s monstering the local market for the last decade, Australian producers are showing our cousins across the ditch that we can hold our own.

One of the reasons for this is that Savvy B is being propagated in the right viticulture areas. Sauvignon needs a cool growing season and conditions that are not susceptible to disease in the later stages of the growing season. This means areas such as the Swan Valley, Barossa, McLaren Vale, Hunter Valley and the Riverina should stick to varieties that relish the hot steamy weather that these areas through up and leave it to the cooler districts such as Tasmania, Gippsland and the Macedon Ranges.

And it is the Macedon Ranges where we find David Ell and Mount Gisborne wines. In one of my earlier posts I spoke about David’s enthusiasm when it comes to the Ranges and to his wine. Now I have known for a while, and I must say it is always good to have a catch up with David, and the last time was in my kitchen about three weeks ago when he was good enough to drop off his current batch of wines for me to have a look at with some food – you gotta love that! Over the space of about 45 minutes David and I chatted about numerous topics, his wine obviously, but also on issues such as restaurant mark-up’s, wine media in Australia and possible remedies to get my son Henry to sleep – unfortunately this has not worked, Sigh!! But I digress.

We were talking Savvy B I recall, so here is David’s offering, Mount Gisborne Florina Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2009. The Florina vineyard is about 500 metres from David’s own vineyard, and is situated on the western aspect of Mount Gisborne. This is the third Sauvignon offering from David, and he pretty much follows the normal routine when it comes to Sauvignon production; no wood with a tank fermentation. Where it differs is David does plenty of lee’s stirring to bring a bit of softness to the wine and also does not fine or filter the wine which gives it a bit of a hazy look to it with potassium bitartrate crystals (below picture) evident in the wine, but don’t fuss, they are harmless. The wine has a real softness to it without the sappy tropical feel that we get from Marlborough. The 2009 offers a lovely white floral aroma with subtle grassy notes coming through also. A very well made wine indeed.

The Mount Gisborne 2009 Sauvignon will be released from October, so be on the lookout for it at Independent wine outlets, good restaurants or direct at

Drink till 2011
Drink with pea and goats cheese salad
Screwcap 14%v/v

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  1. Oh you lucky man! I'd love to get some of that wine, delivered to my door, to have with dinner tonight. Mr. Ell wouldn't happen to fancy a trip to Tokyo, would he?

    Thanks for the pairing advice, it's always welcome. Great blog - will be back to read more for sure!