Friday, September 4, 2009

De Bortoli Noble One Botrytis Semillon 2006 & 1996, Riverina NSW

Q. what’s brown and sticky?
A. De Bortoli Noble One 1996
Q. what’s pale gold and sticky?
A. De Bortoli Noble One 2006

I really do love Botrytis wine, and De Bortoli knows how to get it right. The 2006 example is the best one I have tasted since the 1996 (still have two bottles left). A seamless example of this style with stewed peach and marmalade primary to the nose and palate. The longer in the mouth comes that glycerol feeling which warms up at the end with honey and a lick of spice for good measure.

The 1996 from my notes from about two months show the nose being a massive hit of honey and molasses with mouth following suit plus a very generous lick of Asian spice

Great balances, wonderful length with heaps of complexity – super stuff these two.

Drink till 2022
Drink with caramelised pear tart
Screwcap $56 (750mL) 10% a/v

Drink now
Drink with warm pecan pie – a Susan no-brainer!
Quality cork $? 11.5% a/v


  1. What your thoughts on De Bortoli's Noble One vs McWilliams Riverina botytis? I've never had the McWilliams. And do you know of anywhere I could get my hands on a bottle in or around the Carlton area? Sorry for the bombardment of questions!


  2. P.S. Excellent blog by the way.


  3. I do think McWill do it better, as you will see from my desert island blog.
    Noble One are better after about 8-10 years where Mcwill are the deal with about 5 years on them. Istill think the 03 McWill is one of the best wines I have had this year.
    Try Rathdowne Cellars on Rathdowne, King & Godfree on Lygon and at a stretch The City Wine Shop on Spring mext door to The European and Blackheart and Sparrows on Lygon in Brunswick.
    Hope that gets you in the right direction


  4. Hello my love - what have you got planned for us to drink when I get back from my wee trip to Perth??

  5. sssshhhh - i'm trying to pick up chicks, but now you mention it, how 'bout a Bindi Block 5 04?

  6. Tim,

    I wonder if the new screwcap Noble Ones will age (colour) more slowly. The older bottles had the stumpiest little corks. . .

  7. i think they will age better actually - there seems to be more ullage with the screwcap than those wee corks