Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hellenic Republic 'Mesimeriano', Lygon Street Brunswick

Some of you know that my young son Henry is not sleeping that well right now, so that means his dad doesn’t either. This means we now need a more structured regime when it comes to afternoon naps. We have got in to the habit on a Saturday lately of heading out for a walk at about 4ish so he can nod off for a bit.

Now at this time of the day it is too late for a coffee, so we keep walking past ‘A Minor Place’ on Albion Street. On the other hand it is too early for a glass of something something at ‘Mr. Wilkinson’, ‘The Alderman’ or next door to the new 'Bar Idda'.

So it is off to ‘Hellenic Republic’ at the northern end of Lygon (which is a handy five minute walk from my place) for the Hellenic Republic 'Mesimeriano'.

As a restaurant, I have visited Hellenic Republic about four times, with mixed opinions being had over theses visits. Yet it is the mid afternoon mezze the Republic offers that has seen me struggle with my son’s pram through those bloody great big heavy front doors – sorry George.

For the last two weekends I have headed down there for a simple and tasty late afternoon sup of Taramasolata and pita, a beer for me, lemonade for Imogen and a sleep for Henry. The menu on offer is small due to preparation and changeover for the dinner service.

The menu comprises about 15 savoury items and six sweet ones, with my favourite sardines not being a part of this – sigh!
What I really like though is the way the staff are comfortable in their surroundings while they are eating their staff dinners, or staffies as it is known in the industry. On my first ‘Mesimeriano’ visit, the staff on their break were dishing up meat and vegetarian lasagne, to which I asked what it was, and was then invited to join them. This is hospitality! I politely refused on the grounds it would bring back bad memories of past ‘staffies’ and resumed chowing down on my Taramasolata and Mythos beer.

I am not going to give out a Birk for the ‘Hellenic Republic Mesimeriano’ because all it is a little respite for me and Henry on a Saturday afternoon where he can sleep and I can gaze out on Lygon sipping my beer. See you on the weekend I guess!

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