Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cidrerie d’Anneville Normandy, France

A pint of sweat will save a gallon of blood” Austin O’Malley

I would actually prefer to save a gallon of cider in this hot, sticky humid weather we are having right now – somehow I always think of Brer rabbit stuck in the briar patch when it is the humid, don’t know why, just do. Anyway, the cider today is Cidrerie d’Anneville from Normandy, France. Made from ripe apples this cider sits very cloudy in the glass, similar to a Coopers Sparkling Ale but more orange than Yarra River brown. Both nose and palate deliver fresh, clean, and after a while, sweet tones of ripe apple. The real surprise came about 3 hours later when a sort of sweet grilled pineapple flavour came wafting out of the bottle; just gorgeous.

Drink with salt and chilli squid
Drink now
Cork wrapped in cage 4.5%v/v $16 from Blackheart & Sparrows, Brunswick

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