Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rate the plate with a Birk!!

With all of the restaurant reviewers out there leaving their mark with chef’s hats and stars and cute little box’s tied up with string – catchy hey – I thought I would come up with my own little moniker for what’s hot and what’s yesterday’s hollandaise.

Pop quiz; what do chefs rely on most of all in the kitchen. Is it:

A. Cigarettes
B. Beer
C. A and B
D. Birkenstocks

If you said C you would be correct, but for this exercise the correct answer is D; Birkenstocks. Under every great chef lies a comfy pair of Birks; yellow ones, red ones, floral ones and plastic ones; every restaurant in Oz has at least one pair of Birks (not the idiot kind of Birk in most cases) in the kitchen. So, with every food entry from now on there will be the following (as above).

1 Birk = so so
2 Birk’s = pretty good
Gold Birk = very sassy
Hooters Girls wearing Birk’s = you’ll be lucky to get a table by the time your un-born child graduates from uni
.... and Birk with socks = stay away

Tally Ho

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