Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Met Macedon Ranges Shiraz 2008

It’s hot. It’s hot. It’s really hot. Hot. Hot. Hot. Hottest hot spell on record says the record books.

So to make everyone feel that little bit more hot, I introduce to you The Met Macedon Ranges Shiraz 2008. This wine is hot, and its cool climate hot to boot.. Not hot, ‘geez that’s big and juicy and hot’, but hot, ’geez, how cool is this hot wine?’ And yes, a Macedon Ranges Shiraz; who’d have thunk it!!!

Deep colour in the glass, the wine throws up a great whack of blackberries and black olive tapenade on the nose with more of the same on the primary palate with the mid palate washing everything up nicely with grainy minerality and tart acid. A seriously hot wine!!!

Drink with med-rare steak sanga with a chilli chutney
Drink till 2017
Wax seal and diam cork 13.6% v/v $29 Seddon Wine Store

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