Monday, February 25, 2013

Winstead Estate Tasmania Sauvignon Blanc 2011

Having children at an age where they are old enough to own their own iPod is a little bit good, little bit not good sort of existence. The good bit is they will take themselves off to a quiet part of the house and sit down and read Judy Moody or Harry Potter while listening too some inane pop track. The bad is once their attention drifts they will sound you out and start reciting, with little or no pitch, the latest chorus of such musical geniuses as Katy Perry and Pink; no where is all of the kids books I was forced to read did it mention this!!!

The latest such musical luminary coming out of my daughters is 'Icona Pop', whom today are on top of the world and next year, or next week for that matter, maybe be back on the dole; the cynical world of Pop music Anywhoo, Icona Pop is feasting on my nerves, yet there is a line in the song that I will now employ here in my blog; 'I don't care - I love it!!' My Icona Pop wine right now is the Winstead Estate Tasmania Sauvignon Blanc 2011; I love it!!!

It is common knowledge from this blog that I am a Sauvignon fan and do not suffer from all of the SB bashers out there just because its from across the ditch. This one is also from a cross a ditch; a much smaller on but a ditch nonetheless.

The nose straight away grabs your attention with its barrel ferment and lees stirring which have produced great wafts of oyster shell brine followed by ripe locuts. The palate starts similar to the nose with clean rush of minerality and brine, and followed by more ripe locuts all held together with a checked, yet intense, mandarin acid wash. A classic example of a wine that does not follow the lead. Great grape growing and great wine making.  I love it!!!

Drink with whiting fillet
Drink till 2015
Screwcap 12%v/v $25 Seddon Wine Store

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