Monday, June 6, 2011

Cake and eat it! René Rostaing La Landonne Côte-Rôtie 2001

Just finished watching Masterchef on tellie and have taken this little gem away from George, ‘So guys, can you have your cake and eat it too?’ Maybe the three in the elimination test but me? Yes George, yes I can. The René Rostaing La Landonne Côte-Rôtie 2001. What a wine; tobacco leaf, violets, pepper – more white than black, figs, musky sweat then mint/chocolate all still evolving around taut acid with just a touch a sweet chewiness. Gorgeously gorgeous and awesomely awesome.

Yes George, I will have my cake and eat it too……

Drink with wagyu carpaccio
Drink till 2017
Drink listening to Dirty Three 'Horse Stories' - both are hauntingly beautiful
Quality cork 13%v/v $210 from auction in 2008

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