Saturday, May 8, 2010

Giaconda allocation 2008

Luxury disgusts me” – Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani said this about his 2002 proletariat-inspired men’s collection. Luxury may disgust him, but the outfits from the collection were for those who lived in luxury everyday; a mere cashmere waistcoat costing $14,000!

Of course luxury disgusts Giorgio Armani, he lives in it everyday. This is the same disgust that an obese person feels about their own plight, or a terminally unemployed and unskilled 40 year old feels about their braised steak and onions toasted sandwich being the gastronomic highlight for the year. The things that are our everyday life, after a while we learn to hate them for they are what we have accepted.

I hate the fact that my Giaconda allocation is only eight bottles and that if I drank them now I would miss out on a truly wonderful wine, yet patience is something this blogger has yet to master; away they go in to the cellar.

Luxury, a truly misunderstood state of mind.

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