Sunday, May 30, 2010

Firriato Altavilla Della Corte Grillo 2008, Sicily

In the never ending pursuit of finding that special wine that has yet to be accepted by the mainstream, I think I may have come across a wine that just fits that niche; the Firriato Altavilla Della Corte Grillo 2008, Sicily. Now, for those who are unsure, the grape here is Grillo.

I did a little reading on this grape and it turns out that Grillo is the preferred grape for the production of Marsala because Grillo is able to climb to quite high sugar levels if it is left to 'grill' to over-ripeness. If required to, Grillo may be left on the vine until the end of September (northern hemisphere growing season), by which time in a normal year the grapes will be very rich in sugar - upwards of 16-18%, and therefore low acid levels too.

I happened across this wine at the always value for money Mediterranean Wholesalers on Sydney Road Brunswick, and for a mere $14, a deadset no-brainer. This wine however is not made in the Marsala style, so acid in this wine is quite present. Quite a bone/straw colour in the glass, the nose throws subtle pear with little else. It is in the mouth, however, that this wine comes up trumps. More pear, this time a more grainy feel of pear, with lip smacking acid in the form of citrus - pink grapefruit comes to mind - and right at the back some more pear, this time a little sweet which came as a bit of a surprise. All in all though, a ripper of a wine.

Drink with potato pizza with anchovies
Drink till 2012
Cork 13%v/v $14 from Mediterranean Wholesalers, Sydney Road Brunswick


  1. Hi Tim,
    I'm glad you are still diggin the crates at the Mediterranean Wholesaler. Did you notice that the fab La Luna e i Falo wine barbera is now discounted to fourteen bucks?
    A super bargain just went stratospheric I reckon - they're clearing shelves I was told by the beautifully coiffed man who roams the aisles there.

  2. I be thinkin' that Mediterranean Wholesalers will be getting a visit from me tomorrow!!