Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oakridge 864 Yarra Valley Chardonnay 2006

In 2008 I did vintage at Oakridge in the Yarra Valley. Quite possibly the most physically and mentally challenging two months I have experienced. The thing with 2008 in the Valley was that a lot of the fruit, red and white, ripened pretty much at the same time. Add to this that Oakridge were also functioning as a ‘gun for hire’ due to the Phylloxera zone that had been set up; this meant the winery at Oakridge was processing not only its own fruit, but fruit for people such as Hardy’s, Casella and Yarraloch. All in all just over 900 tonne of fruit was processed in eight weeks; six day weeks, 16 hour days, Subaru Outback left hand panel totalled by two kangaroo’s and a serious bout of gastro (no fruit was harmed during this time) are some of the fond memories I have of that time.

But the most endearing is the wine I was able to purchase at the cellar door for half price! Quite a lot let me just say and the standout was definitely the Oakridge 864 Yarra Valley Chardonnay 2006.

The wine is still quite tight with a straw colour about it. The nose has a wicked hit of grapefruit and white flower, with the grapefruit really the big factor here. The wine really hits its stride in the mouth with more lip smacking citrus, with grapefruit and lemon tart the two prominent flavours; this is backed up with striking acid which gives this wine massive length which marries together the oak and fruit. Sexy stuff this one - mucho fantastico.

Incredible balance and length with all the hallmarks of a Premier Cru Burgundy.

Drink till 2014
Drink with Blue swimmer crab and Angel hair pasta
Screwcap 13.5%v/v $60 (sold out)


  1. Yarra valley Chardonnay... always a favourite of mine and this sounds like its sits at the top of that particular tree.


  2. Oi vey, what a vintage. The left hand side of the Subaru still squeaks...