Monday, March 25, 2013

Paul Blanck Pinot D'Alsace 2010

When you work in the wine retail game, you need to be open to all and sundry who want to show you wine or discuss potential opportunity to grab a cracking deal; unlike the restaurant trade, there is no such thing as being in a 'meeting', you are always available. This wine is proof of just such an example - Paul Blanck Pinot D'Alsace 2010

Now I have been familiar with the Paul Blanck wines for some time, but it has been actually that - some time since I have had a look at them, so when Jonathon mentioned that this wine was looking peachy, well that was enough for me and within a week Jeremy and I were going through samples and this one got a massive tick. The nose is all minerality and quinine - think tonic water. The palate is a gentle wave of stone fruit -  subtle white peach, more plentiful minerality in the form of river stone and lingering leesy goodness. Delicious.

So there you go. The next phone call may just be that something special, and instead of fobbing it off, take the time and be surprised to find that wine is there to enjoy, not to avoid.

Drink till 2015
Drink with veal marsala
Screwcap 12.5%v/v $19 Seddon Wine Store

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