Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Grosset Clare Valley Polish Hill Riesling 2001

Every now and then you need to pull something out of the cellar that a) you haven’t seen for a long, long time and b) you deserve it. The Grosset Clare Valley Polish Hill Riesling 2001 is just that wine. Last year on a golf trip to Tasmania, I took along the 2002 version of this wine where it was received very nicely by the other hackers. Nine into a bottle of wine does not go well however. So the 2001, over a dinner of chicken and blue cheese risotto – a monty for a Susan - had a crowd of three, with one of these participants being a Big 4 (Imogen’s way of saying she is four and a half) and it was Imogen’s comments on the wine that really made me sit up and take notice, and I quote:

“…. looks green and a little spicy on my tongue and its funny.” Imogen Cohen, Big 4 wine critic.

Pouring the wine, it is very hard not to notice the very green hue in the glass with a further big light yellow coming through the rest of the glass. Citrus is still very much up front for this wine, with lime and soft lemon curd being dominant; the longer in the glass a more prickly, spicy pineapple feel comes through also. In the mouth the lime is once again the dominant factor, with acid still playing a major role after eight years in the bottle – very much an Aussie Riesling!

Wonderful balance, length and complexity; oh yeah, it is also funny!

Drink with chicken and blue cheese risotto
Drink till 2021
Screwcap 13%v/v $20 – 2001 staff price at Como Wine and Spirits, South Yarra

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