Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Giaconda Warner Vineyard Beechworth Shiraz 2006

Here comes johnny yen again
With the liquor and drugs
And the flesh machineHes gonna do another strip tease.
Hey man, whered ya get that lotion?
Ive been hurting since Ive bought the gimmick
About something called love
Yeah, something called love.
Well, thats like hypnotizing chickens.
Well, Im just a modern guy Of course,
Ive had it in the ear before.
I have a lust for life
cause of a lust for life....’

Iggy Pop – ‘Lust for life’

As if you didn’t know that!

The funny thing is that just as I was serving dinner and having another sip of this fine wine, my iPod shuffle started screaming this little gem out, and I thought ‘yep, spot on’ – who knows. What we do know is that this blog has a new wine of the year. Giaconda Warner Vineyard Beechworth Shiraz 2006. Mucho Fantastico!!!!

When the 2006 vintage mailing list went out on November 1 2006 I was in like a flash nabbing a six pack of both Chardonnay and Shiraz. The worst thing about this is you have to pay right then to wait for your wine to be delivered more than 12 months later – the wait was excruciating I tell ya.

Beechworth in 2006 was a very good year for grape growing with the start of the season being text book stuff. It was only toward the end when January and February heat started messing up the berry development. All in all though, 2006 produced some super stuff up there.

As I said before, the wait for this wine was agonising, so as soon as I got my delivery I opened up the boxes, fawned over the bottles for a few minutes and packed them straight off to the cellar. Boring you say – yep!

Fast forward to two weeks ago and I needed something nice to drink; I wanted something nice to drink. The 2006 Giaconda Shiraz was right there – no brainer.

The colour of this wine is very dense with an almost blackish purple hue to it. As I said, this is the best wine I have had this year (no doubt that will change again!), with the nose being a great mix a graphite and brambly fruit up front, but after about an hour in the decanter was showing more of a cured meat aroma, like a charcuterie plate, with black pepper also bobbing its head up. In the mouth was all elegance with super fine firm tannins and acid that pulls the flavours through the longer in the glass and decanter. With only 13.5% a/v, this wine has plenty of life left in it. Pure joy this one.

If anyone knows what the lyrics mean in the song, let me know. All I know is that I have five bottles left of this bad boy and really don’t know why I shouldn’t have another tonight.
beautiful balance, beautiful length and wonderful complexity – genuine lust!

Drink till 2030
Drink with rare rib eye beef
Screwcap $68 (mailing list two years ago)


  1. Iggy Pop and Giaconda - what a mix, but perfect with 'Lust for life' Tim


  2. Hey thanks for the very kind words about our wine. I was searching the web for an easy photo of the label for a ppt presentation I'm doing and came across your review. For the record I approve of you drinking it while listening to Iggy. I saw Iggy at the big day out a few years ago in Melbourne and it is a lasting memory of a gigantic day. Well done. Stuart Warner (Graeme's son - Graeme Warner grows the grapes for Warner Vineyard shiraz).