Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Turners Crossing Bendigo Cabernet Sauvignon 2005

Legendary Richmond tough man Jack Dyer once described a player for North Melbourne, Robert Klomp I think, as a good average player. To me this tells me he wasn't flashy or did not ooze of class; he was just a good footballer who did a good job - simple.
Turners Crossing Bendigo Cabernet Sauvignon is the Robert Klomp of wines - it is a nice Cabernet without having the amazing wow factor. It delivered what I was hoping it would deliver. The colour was deep red with the nose giving off a combination of mocha and fresh eucalypt. There was not much on the front palate, with soft grainy tannins giving way to a bit of chocolate at the end.
The one thing that did rattle me a bit was it was fairly large - 14.5% a/v. Tasting it the next day was a day to late unfortunately with the wine giving off quite an astringent taste. But on the night it did its job well.

Drink till 2012
Drink with lamb chops

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