Sunday, August 16, 2009

Season of Stout - Sinha Stout Sri Lanka

This is a fair dinkum stout!!

In the never-ending quest to find out what the best alcoholic beverage the human form can have when they are sick, I wish to formally nominate Sinha stout from Sri Lanka as the beverage to guide us through chills and sniffles.

While in sunny Perth a month ago, I was lured to Beaufort Street in search of some cold and flu tablets, so I thought while I was in the neighbourhood, I would drop in to Baron's and get a something something for my miserable self.

The something something was obviously the Sinha, and at $8 a pop and weighing in at an impressive 8% a/v, I was rationed to just 3 of the buggers.

As I said, this is a fair dinkum stout people. The colour is pitch black with a coffee ice-cream head. The nose and palate both have in common bitter chocolate, toffee and mocha liqueur. This thing is effing massive, but ohh so gorgeous.

I would like to add though, that I did not take the cold and flu tablets while drinking this beaut - I am not as stupid as I look now!

Drink with lamb vindaloo


  1. I was totally looking forward to going out and finding these stouts today or at least sometime soon! But now that I have figured out that Brunswick is in Australia I doubt that it will happen :( By your description of these 3 stouts I can almost taste them here in sunny South Florida, USA. I will now have to troll today for an American craft brewed stout that is incredibly delicious as well!! GREAT BLOG! will read you often.

  2. you better get your lip balm out, cos I have another five lip-smackers coming up before September.

    thanks for the feedback and hope to hear from you soon


  3. I'm trying to find a bottle shop that sells Sinha around Fitzroy North / Brunswick / Northcote...any suggetions?

  4. right then.

    I would give Blackhearts and Sparrows a go on Lygon street Brunswick, King and Godfree in Carlton, Rathdowne Cellars in North Carlton, Dan Murphy's would also be worth a shot.

    Good luck and let me know where you got some from