Saturday, November 30, 2013

BK Adelaide Hills Cult Syrah 2012

Last year this wine, the 2011 version, was my wine of the year. Could it be two years running? The BK Adelaide Hills Cult Syrah 2012 is a wine that I believe giving the Adelaide Hills a really bloody good name. Seriously. Blackberry - think Marengo wild if you've been down there, otherwise just think stonkingly good blackberries - earth and spice with a long line of savoury soy and green edgeness. really, its super-great and if I can give a wine like the 2011 the gong for last year, just imagine what this is like coming from a schmicko year. Anyway, I love and dig it.

Drink with sticky beef short ribs
Drink till 2018
Screwcap 13.5%v/v $30 Seddon Wine Store


  1. Tim bought six of the 2011 a third of them were corked
    too much risk

    1. Yep, cork sucks. But never fear, this one is under screwcap!!!!