Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Open truths

Its been just over four years now since I have been writing this blog. When I started the posts came at a great rate of knots. As time went on my life got busier with work and another kiddly-wink, young Henry the little brother to Imogen. And over time the writing got a little bit more adventurous ranging from humour to taking a stand (on more than one occasion) for an industry, hospitality, that I have been involved in now for over 15 years spanning New York, London and here in Melbourne. And with these posts I have had some great responses posted, but I have also have had some nasty responses in the form of emails; these people rather do it in anonymity rather than the public forum.

One of these nasty emails I received today. It was unexpected, stemming from an earlier post this year I can only assume. And it was viscious. Here is a small excert;

"Your manner is sanctamonious (sic) and vengeful. You have no right writing this blog because you are a little nobody that people don't care for and you are somebody that wont be missed when you die little man."


I was fairly stunned and quite hurt actually when I read this email but after going through the text I learnt a little about the author, and then I felt sorry for them. Your truth is to do this in a hidden environment surrounded by your empty bottles of Coche or Penfolds or whatever tipple gets you off. This is your environment. I do not hide behind pseudonym; I have my picture right there on the home page. And I live in Brunswick. Not very anonymous if you ask me.

One other comment the author made in this email was how I am prejudiced and give high scores for money. In the four years doing this blog I have turned down plenty of offers for paid advertising on this blog. In this time I reckon I have accepted maybe 8 bottles en gratis to write a review. Some I have and some I haven't posted. Some just weren't that good. In the end I choose what content is published. In the end this is my blog.

There have been times when I have gone overboard. These posts I have deleted from the blog. But never have I been spiteful or vengeful as the the author of the email stated I was.

It is a shame that people like yourself need to take the time and effort to write such nasty words. I have deleted your letter to me and blocked your email address to my account. What a waste.

Good bye to you.


  1. I came across this while doing a bit of catch up reading. There are some F*#&wits out there in the anonymous online world who have neither the guts to put their name to it or the intelligence to write a poper constructive criticism.
    Personally, I'd trust your reviews over many others. Keep up the good work