Sunday, June 17, 2012

Laffers Lane Heathcote Shiraz 2010

A new offering from a staffer at Blackheart & Sparrows - Laffer Lane Heathcote Shiraz 2010.

From looking at the label I was imagining a wine that was made in the 'natural' way; go out and hug a vine and play it 'John Butler trio' bleeding heart music and all that palaver - so this is what I take from it; house on the bottom of a hill on a cold winters night with a million and 1 stars in the sky and a roaring open fire inside!What, me being cynical? Anyhoo, I was expecting something that was singing with tart fruit and achingly sharp acidity. What I got however was a beautifully crafted wine from what I would suggest would be very well grown shiraz fruit; Tim the anti-cynic in that sentence.

Deep crimson red in the glass, the wine had a great mix of black fruit and black pepper with an equal amount of dust to boot. Tart fruit on the front palate with acid and tannins holding perfect sway. The wine really went to another level at the back palate with beautiful black olives and black fruit fighting for dominance - olive won this time.

A great debut from someone who knows what they are doing, whoever they are!

Drink till 2017
Drink with roast beef
Diam under wax seal 13.5%v/v $32 Blackheart & Sparrows, Brunswick


  1. have you found out any more info on this wine? can't find anything on it..

  2. I'm afraid it was made in limited quantities, so if its not outbthere I would suggest it has all been drunk

  3. Melbourne street cellars north adelaide have heaps
    Phone 08-8267 1533
    Lucy Margeux