Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jamsheed Healesville Syrah 2010 - Third down and plenty!

So here I am. Its 12.20am and I’m watching the replay of Super Bowl forty something-or-rather and Madonna is singing something from when it was Super Bowl twenty something-or-rather. I’m watching the replay because I am a New York Giants fan and I got through the day without finding out the score, so if you know – zip-it!

As I said, its half time and Madonna interests me as much as a hernia so I thought I’d write a post. The Jamsheed Healesville Vineyard Yarra Valley Syrah 2010. Had this one a few days ago for the third time and loved it as much as, well as much as the first I guess. Quite dense in the glass, the Healesville Syrah for me is hard to separate from Silvan or Yarra Glen, but I guess it is pretty common these days to highlight mesoclimate, so Healesville, you rock! The nose throws a good amount of tart fruit and savoury notes and a good amount of dust which suggests a good amount of chewy tannins. I suggested right. Long and persistent with acid and tight chewy tannins built around subtle raspberry and red licorice with quite an intense purity throughout the glass. All in all I loved it.

There’s a flag on the play so I’m going to wrap up. Great length and plenty of time left in the tank. And for the rest of the mesoclimates in the Valley – lift your game!

Drink with Buffalo wings, in honour of the Super Bowl
Drink till 2018
Diam cork under wax seal 13.7%v/v $46 Albert St Food & Wine, Brunswick

Go Giants!!!

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