Monday, March 7, 2011

Coombend Tasmanian Pinot Noir 2007

When the next morning greets you with a headache and many, many empty bottles with two children wanting breakfast at 6.30am the obvious line sneaks into the subliminal - I'm never ever going to drink again! You know you've heard it, don't deny it. Anywhoo, one of those empties was the Coombend Tasmanian Pinot Noir 2007 from the Freycinet coastline. The notes were scribbled on a post-it and quite illegible but this is what I got; very chalky red in the glass with plenty of feral and earthy aroma's wafting up the olfactory. Almost too pleasent sweet fruit of red licorice, raspberries and strawberries; the nose does not bely the palate.

This wine I think will benefit from having it on its own and not with another 14 bottles!!

Drink with roasted pork belly
Drink till 2014
Screwcap 13.5%v/v bought somewhere on Sydney Rd Brunswick

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