Monday, January 24, 2011

#unfake beer

It’s been a recent trend in the past few years for brewers in our neck of the woods to take out brewing licenses for such bevies like Stella Artois, Peroni, Asahi and Heineken. This is done to effectively cut the cost in shipping and also keep government subsidies for buying local hops and wheat; just to keep the stock holders happy supposedly. It has also been a trend of late that independent retailers and licensee’s to bring out the real stuff at a sometime inflated premium. And for this we thank them.

For example, Psarakos Markets in downtown Thornbury have real Stella for just $42.99 a case, whereas BWS – standing for bulls#&t wine sellers I can only assume – are currently selling said product brewed in Sydney Australia as opposed to Sydney in Belgium for a crazy $52.99; on sale as well.

So big brewers take note. As long as you intend to continually put stock holders interests in front of flavour, the good people at Blackheart & Sparrows, Psarakos Market and Anthony Danna from Bocacchio Cellars– who I am led to believe brings in his own Peroni – will sell us the ridgy didge stuff at a price more often than not cheaper than the stuff brewed here.

So, to keep up the appearances of a blog and not a soapbox, here is a non-fake tube of what was a lip-smacking Dutch brewed Heineken. After drinking 7 of them on Saturday night this post will not have any tasting notes other to say it was mucho fantastico and frightfully wet. Chips-ahoy to you all.


  1. Don't forget the totally awesome range of Italian beers up at Mediterranean Wholesalers at very modest prices too. Only problem is they don't keep 'em in the fridge!

  2. Nice post and a good topic. I see the imported gear available at the same price as the Australian brewed 'foreign' beers around Sydney and always get annoyed at the marketing spin. If the price of the beers were similar to the VBs, Carlton Draught etc that would be one thing, but they are charging imported prices for locally made beer that does not taste that much different to the premium Australian products.
    I have been meaning to do a blind taste test with some unsuspecting mates to see if they prefer one beer over the other.



  3. Ken,

    How could I forget about Mediterranean Wholesalers. They have real Stella in 3-packs as well as Moretti and Peroni.


    I did a blind taste about two months ago with Heineken, Stella, Asahi and Guinness and it was a resounding win for the real beers - a no-brainer

  4. Nice post Tim.

    "Unfake" - love it!