Monday, April 5, 2010

Mayer Yarra Valley Dr Mayer Pinot Noir 2008

After the fourth ‘paddy’ of the morning from my eldest – way too many Easter eggs I’m afraid, and the departure of Erin soon to her ‘12 Ladies are Lunching’ day (sounds all very festive doesn’t it?) I sneakily sneak away to the study to talk about a wonderful, wonderful wine; the Mayer Yarra Valley Dr. Mayer Pinot Noir 2008.

I would hazard at a guess that the Mayer Pinot Noir 08 found its way to my recycling bin on at least 10 occasions in the last 12 months – such a good wine. But it is Timo Mayer’s ‘Dr’ Pinot Noir that massively hits the high note, yet a note only hit twice due to its limited production.

Before I had drunk this wine I would have probably said that only about three or four Australian Pinot Noirs could stand up to wines from Burgundy; Bindi Block 5, By Farr Serre and Bass Phillip Reserve. Throw in The Doctor to that list!

The colour easily translates the unfiltered product with a hazy dark raspberry that almost turns purple in natural light. The nose is very tight at first, but after sometime in a decanter a very pronounced tart cranberry and beetroot aroma fill the glass and my olfactory. Layers of red licorice, more beetroot and cranberry with a wonderful dirty fungal bight to it (I’m not going to say forest floor because as Stuart Anderson told me there are many forest floors in the world as too are there many types of meat!). An amazing wine with so much more time left in the bottle. Mucho Fantastico!!Drink with cassoulet.

Drink till 2019
Diam 13% cannot remember how much it was, so go to

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