Sunday, March 7, 2010

[yellowtail] Moscato 2009

Question: what do you get when you combine glass and sugar?
Answer: [yellowtail] Moscato 2009 from all over Australia!

Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet wine this one.

Ohh yeah, the MIL Pam loved it!

Drink with redskins or 50 cents worth of mixed lollies
Drink till yesterday
Screwcap 5.5% $9.99 everywhere!


  1. Hi SIL,

    Was interested in your critique of Moscato.
    I can NEVER thank you enough for putting me onto this wonderful tipple.
    I think if you had tasted Brown Bros. Moscato it would have a different result.

    Cheers, MIL

  2. Onya Ma! Don't ever let Tim forget he started you on your obsession with that very first Innocent Bystander Moscato :-))