Monday, February 15, 2010

The Hangover Cure - A love story by Tim Cohen

After a night (and most of the day) of tasting this wine and drinking that beer and washing down that plate of super gorgeous cuttlefish from Gingerboy (to name but a few of the dishes), the head is, and was, generally worse for wear. So, here is the best way out of the ever faithful hangover; a commodity that is always in uber supply yet fetches absolutely no demand.

1. Medicine kitBarocca, Neurofen, plenty of the wet stuff and Mylanta before you pass out next to a quite annoyed partner; if this does not totally shoo the hangover away, it surely will annoy the be-Jesus out of it!

2. Leftovers – if it was a house party and you can construct a pan flute out of the empty bottles, then this is the plate that will go a long way in helping out point 1.

3. Bratwurst – hop on a tram and leg it in to the Queen Victoria markets (if open and before 3pm) for a gut filling bratwurst from the Melbourne Bratwurst Shop. And why take the tram you ask? Because you will still be pickled from the night before ya drongo!

Simple, concise, unconventional and guaranteed to work, most of the time.....

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