Monday, January 11, 2010

...easy as 1-2-3!!!

Guess what I’m drinking right now?

A-sa-hi... easy as 1-2-3.....


  1. Not while you're driving, of course!

  2. Hey, that's not made in Aus is it?

    Good on you Tim!

    I love those quality Japanese beers, a friend of mine thinks they're very 'rice-like'. Personally I can't go past the Sapporo in the 650ml cans, or as we call them in Adelaide, the 'Silver Bullet'. Just a shame about the $10rrp and being made in Canada now :(

    Any opinions on the Sapporo Tim?

    Chris P

    p.s. drink driving laws still permit us to drink while driving in SA - I think we're one of only two states? It should be perfectly legal on 45 deg days..... (so long as you're not over of course)

  3. Hey Chris,

    geez it was hot. it does give the impression that I am driving, but it is the only thermometer we have - you get the jist though.

    cannot say that I am a massive fan of sapporo; i find it a touch too thin, and @ $10 I don't want thin!!

    this particular asahi is brewed in Thailand. not sure that I am in favour of iconic beer such as Stella, Heineken and Asahi being brewed in different countries; to me the Heineken tastes like tooheys new. there are however a small number of stores selling the real export stuff like Mediterranean wholesalers on Sydney Road selling the ridgy-didge Stella at a fairly cheap $16 a 6-pack.