Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Imogen.... and T'Gallant 'Imogen' Mornington Peninsula Pinot Gris 2008

My little girl Imogen has her first day at Prep tomorrow. It is only orientation and it is only for an hour, but geez she is growing up. So this one is for her.

The T’Gallant ‘Imogen’ Mornington Peninsula Pinot Gris 2008 is a lovely drink now with either food or just as a lazy Saturday arvo quaffer. The colour is a typical pinkish grey with a yellowish hue. The nose has a good whoft of wax and pear already with a big hit of acid coming through with the 14.5% a/v. The mouth has an instant hit of glycerol coating all corners (that’s if mouths had corners of course) with more honey and wax, and the warm alcohol feel; remember, it is 14.5% a.v., and that’s high for Pinot Gris, be it Australian or Alsacean.

Even balance, semi length and nice complexity. A nice wine it is.

So, my little girl is off to prep tomorrow – by gingoes! When do you think they will take Henry?

Drink till 2011
Drink with my Chilli Chickpea soup; Imogen’s BES (best ever soup)
16/20. But because it is an ‘Imogen’ 19.9/20 – mucho fantastico


  1. The challenge is on, my love - you need to find a wine for Henry now!

  2. We've got a couple over here in SA if you're interested Tim-
    Henry's Drive from Padthaway, or perhaps your favourite ;) a Barossa Shitaz; the Hewitson Ned and Henry's?

    On an unrelated note, a friend of mine is about to move to Melbourne on the premise of employment at a liquor store named Wigs Cellars in the CBD. Do you have any information/thoughts on this store you might be able to assist with (before he packs his bags and makes the big move...)

    Honest, unbiased opinions can be so valuable.

    Chris Plummer
    Australian Wine Journal

  3. Hello Chris,

    Yes, Henry's Drive will not be far away.
    About Wigs; have been there a few times and was struck by the amount of spirits, but it is in heart of the legal precinct - not that I am saying lawyers are gin lush's of course.
    The good thing about melbourne is that it is not short of good wine outlets - Rathdowne cellars in Carlton north are looking for someone right now actually.
    Hope this helped



  4. Ah! Thanks very much Tim! I'll pass on the info.

    Big cheers,
    Chris P