Monday, July 13, 2009

Stout Season - 3 Ravens Black Real Live Ale

Beer is yum; der!!

It is hard not to go past a beer when you don’t know whether you want a Pinot Noir or Viognier or whatever. So being winter and all, the beer to be drinking is stout, the lovely dark warm ale. What I have been doing lately is finding myself trying heaps of the stuff, so, like the soup season, I’m going to do a stout season too.

Now we all know that food and wine go hand in hand, but what about beer, or more importantly, stout? There is one match that I think is one of the best ever, be it wine or beer, and that’s stout and Christmas Pud.

‘... that’s crazy man’ I hear you say, but hey, it works and it really is mucho fantastico. But it’s not Xmas so I reckon you can’t go past beef with black bean sauce, or number 73 from your local Chinese takeaway.

Today’s stout is 3 Ravens from Thornbury in Victoria, just one suburb over that way (I’m pointing east). A lovely chocolaty coffeeie black stout that really does drink easy NB a six pack between two people is not enough!! There is not much else to say but go and get some, its YUM!!

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