Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bindi Original Vineyard Pinot Noir 1999

Now there are a lot of wine critics/reviewers out there, and I guess by doing this blog and having my say on the stuff, I am sought of one as well. The one thing I do not want to be is judgemental and picky.
Now there is a certain reviewer out there who shares the same surname as a 'lubbly jubbly' celebrity chef. There are quite a few reviews from this fellow (yes, he is a man) that focus on the faults or weaknesses of the wine; thats just the wrong angle I reckon and that isn't kosher (no pork products were harmed during the writing of this blog).
I managed to scour the net and came across his review for the Bindi Original Vineyard Pinot Noir 1999 and was quite taken-a-back with his language, '... weedy and stalky, this wine leaves a rather hollow, unpleasant feeling', and, '... expectations were high but disappointment was ultimately felt.'
Unpleasant, Disappointment. These are words that I would use if I were in an elevator and someone had an emergency bowel movement, this is unpleasant; and I would be disappointed if my daughter came home and said school holidays have come early dad - I've got a week's suspension.
Too much lateral thought goes in to what you see, smell and taste in the glass.
Me, I love this wine. Since 2005 I have been helping out up at Bindi. Most of this was between 2005 - 2007 while I was finishing my Viticulture degree; mostly during term breaks and days when I would just blag class. I was able to learn so much about the wine process through Michael Dhillon, who really just emphasised to me that 99% of the work happens out in the vineyard; which leaves 1% cleaning out tanks and barrels, packaging wine and giggling along to 'Tenacious D' - it's a Kodak moment.
So on to the wine. The colour is going a bit, with a little brick red coming through, but more like faded rose. The nose is just sexy; a bit of rose then a smack of toffee. In the mouth this wine flows between game then toffee then musk then just pure delight. When you think its done, a little touch of acid comes along to remind you that its still got a little bit left in the tank - ripper stuff this one.
So, I have decided that I will not rate Bindi wines because of my involvement and affinity to the stuff, but will just say that the 14/20 this wine scored is a bit way off - maybe he just doesn't get what this wine is all about.

Drink now till 2012.

Eat with slow roasted pork!!

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