Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bindi Composition Pinot Noir 2006

Have I told you how much I love this wine. As I have stated in an ealier a post, the one true thing I love about this job is seeing a heap of wines. Then every so often a customer will ask me aboout Bindi, because when diners ask for my suggestion, if I say Bindi all the time, I would sell out in a week, so I try not to push it so much.
Tonight an American couple asked me about the Bindi Composition ansd I couldn't lie. I told them of my affinity with the label and vineyard and that the wine is, well, the wine is yum; they had two bottles!!
So about the wine; the colour is a little like a cherry ripe colour - pinkish-reddish-brickish. The nose is all spice, cinnamon and Turkish delight. In the mouth the spice hits straight away followed by firm acid, definately a food wine. After this there is a long clean musk hit that is ever so soft. Just beautiful.

Drink till 2017
Eat with slow braised rabbit or beef carpaccio

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  1. yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm... spice, cinnamon...turkish delight (the first chocolate I pull out of the Roses Box).
    We should have this for our turkish dinner at Rumi!

    oh, and you have to become a follower of FWOG because I'm going to be putting up a post in the next couple of days where I reference YOUR blog. Have faith. It's a good reference.